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EA Announces Dead Space 2 DLC on Launch Day

EA announced today that a DLC pack for Dead Space 2 is already underway.  The announcement serves an extra bit of incentive for gamers to go pick up the highly anticipated sequel, which hits store shelves today.  Neither the DLC or the announcement comes as much of a surprise:  The Dead Space franchise has rapidly grown into one of the publisher’s largest properties, and publishers regularly announce DLC for high-profile titles in first week of their release.
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Sonic 4 Gets Delayed, Will be Released on iPhone

Sega broke the bad news to Sonic fans today that the nostalgia-inducing downloadable “Sonic 4: Volume 1” has been pushed from its fast-approaching “summer” release to some time in “Late 2010”.  Sega said that the development team needs more time to “tune, balance, and maintain the kind of polish” and an “unrivaled classic Sonic feel.”  So far it looks like Sega has taken a lot of time to make sure fans of the series feel a rush of nostalgia when they play this new game – if they need a little extra time, it looks like it could be worth the wait.

Trying to sprinkle a little good news in with the bad, Sega also announced that, in addition to being available via PSN, Xbox Live and Wiiware, the company is developing a version of the game for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  While it is nice that Sega is adding a portable option for the game, it might be challenging for Sega to maintain that “classic feel” on a platform that has no buttons…

UPDATE:  Sega also released a trailer.  Gameplay in Splash Hill Zone.

Rumor: Sony to Announce Premium PSN Subscription at E3

According to VG247, Sony plans to announce a paid subscription for a premium version of PSN service some time this year.  The british game blog claims the info came from a “highly-placed” source at Sony.  Of course, with June 13th rapidly approaching, E3 seems like the natural place to make such an announcement.

According to the source, the premium service will not be required to do anything currently available via PSN – don’t worry, you won’t be forced to get it if you don’t want.  For “less than £50 per year,” the service will give players access to premium downloads and new features.  In fact, the premium service may allow players to download 2-4 PSN games for “free” every month.  On the other hand, the source  said that cross-game voice chat, a long requested feature by PS3 owners, will definitely not be a premium service feature.

Rumors about new premium service options for both PSN and Xbox Live have been circulating for the past year or so.  The question has always been and continues to be whether the features provided by a premium service be effective in drawing in a large enough chunk of users.  If the PSN subscription is just a monthly PSN gaming stipend, it probably won’t take off.  Sony most likely knows this, so expect the service’s best features to be revealed at E3… Or whenever Sony decides to do so.

Modern Warfare 2: Surplus Pack Screenshots

So by now you may have heard that Activision plans to release a second set of “Modern Warfare 2” maps.  The “Surplus,” like it’s predecessor, the “Stimulus” Pack, features five new maps – three original maps and two updated versions of maps from the original “Modern Warfare.”  The map pack will run you 15 bucks, (1200 MS points) also just like the original.  Can’t wait?  Well, here are a few images showing off the maps for you to drool over until the DLC is released on Xbox Live on June 3rd.

Unfortunately for those of us playing MW2 on PS3 or PC, the wait is a little longer.  Due to an exclusivity agreement between Activision and Microsoft, “Surplus” won’t be released for PS3 or PC users right away.  Assuming the agreement is similar to the one made for “Stimulus”, PS3 and PC gamers should expect to get their hands on “Surplus” until early to mid July:  “Stimulus” was exclusively available on Xbox Live for 34 days before being released for other forms of download.

As for the maps themselves – Activision is bringing back “Strike” and “Vacant” from MW, and adding three new and decidedly unorthodox locations for the originals.  The names “Carnival” and “Trailer Park” pretty much speak for themselves, don’t you think?  The last map, “Fuel”, well it isn’t actually so unorthodox – it’s set on an oil rig.  Woo Hoo.




“Trailer Park”


Rumor: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker May Get Released for PS3

A comment after a Q&A session with Konami has hinted that “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker” may be released on PSN instead of PSP, which means the game will be playable on PS3 AND PSP.  According to a Gamepro contributor, Konami staffers were asking reporter how they felt about the idea – apparently, they were more interested in the answers then one would normally assume…  Which means they’re actually think about doing it.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea.  In fact, I think that developers should start doing that regularly.  There’s no reason to limit your players’ options.  Making PSP games into “PSN Games” gives downloadable games more legitimacy as a viable development option.

Bottom Line:  Do it Konami.  Just do it.

Square Enix Announces Just Cause 2 “Black Market” DLC Packs

Square Enix London announced today that they plan to release two new downloadable content packs in the next month for their sandbox explosion extraveganza, “Just Cause 2.”   Dubbed “Black Market” packs, both downloads offer a set of weapons and/or vehicles to enhance your jet-crashing, building-crushing experience.  The first download, “Black Market Aerial Pack”, will be released next week.  As the name implies, it adds some new equipment for aerial combat.  The pack adds a new jet, a multi-lock missile launcher and mini-thrusters that attach to Rico’s parachute.  The “Black Market Boom Pack” will launch on May 25th, adding a cadre of über-powerful explosive weapons, including a “Quad Rocket Launcher” and an “Air Propulsion Gun” that can blow away enemy vehicles.  Both packs will cost 1.99 on PSN or 160 MS points on Xbox Live.

3D Firmware Update Coming to PS3 this Summer

Sony announced via PSN promotional video “Qore” that the firmware update allowing PS3 to utilize 3D TV technology will be coming this summer.  Sony originally announced that they planned to make PS3 3D-ready when they first unveiled their line of “Bravia” 3D TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

The Qore video also announced a lineup of games that will be made 3D-accessible retroactively via the firmware update.  “Killzone 2”, “Gran Turismo 5”, “Little Big Planet”, “Wipeout HD Fury”, and “Super Stardust HD” will become playable in 3D via this update.  There’s currently no word on whether other past releases would be made 3D-ready in the future.

Sony Proclaims PSN Problem Solved

Sony updated their forum that they had fixed the PSN-Clock problem at around 9pm est.  Everyone, it’s safe to turn your PS3s on.  Apparently the time on the machine should be correct, but if it hasn’t reset it should be ok to modify it….

Crisis Averted.

ALERT: PSN Downed by Clock Error, Sony Urges gamers to stop using Consoles until Further Notice

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw reports that PSN went down on Sunday night I dismissed the problem as minor and didn’t bother to post on it.  Boy, I learned my lesson.  As complaints resound across the internet of the downed Playstation Network, Sony has been updating gamers throughout the day on the problem.

Heres the skinny:  As of now, Sony is saying that the problem  stems from the system’s clocks reverting to 2000, which causes PSN to crash and possibly delete some users data Y2K-style.  The problem only affects older PS3 users:  Anyone who owns the most recent “Slim”-version PS3 shouldn’t notice a thing…  Other than a distinct lack of competition online.  Sony says that they think they will fix the problem “in the next 24 hours” (Less now, ostensibly, as they said that this afternoon); however, Sony recommends that users that have or would be effected by the problem (non-Slim PS3 owners) not turn on their systems until Sony announces that they’ve solved the problem because, if you lose any data, there won’t be any way to get it back.  Achievement Hogs:  That means you may have start from scratch if you turn your systems on!

Obviously, this is a shitty situation but Sony seems to be doing all they can to fix the problem so, rather than yell and complain, the best thing to do right now is just listen to what they have to say.

Games4Thought will be here to let everyone know when it’s ok to turn your PS3 back on.