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Sony Unveils PSP2 at Tokyo Press Conference

Sony Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai confirmed the development of their upcoming portable console, the “Next-Gen Portable” or “NGP” on Wednesday night at the Sony “Playstation Meeting 2011” conference in Tokyo.  The PSP2… I’m sorry; I mean the “NGP”, will sport a 5-inch OLED screen, built-in 3G and Wi-fi capabilities, sixaxis gyroscopic control functionality, both front and rear multi-touch panels (Capacitive), as well as front and rear cameras. Improving on the horrible PSP analog nub, the NGP will have two real analog sticks for more functional control. That said, the demos showed that many games will use a combination of motion, multi-touch and conventional controls to create a unique play-style. The NGP screen has four times the resolution of the current PSP (960 x 544). Developers at the conference said that the NGP can handle ports of PS3 titles and can handle comparable visuals.
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