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Demon’s Souls Sequel, Dark Souls, Announced

This week’s upcoming issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu is expected to have the first details on Dark Souls, sequel to the 2009 sleeper hit RPG Demon’s Souls.  Demon’s Souls is an online-focused action RPG from Japanese developer From Software that became notorious (and popular) for its insane level of difficulty.

Though it is the direct follow-up to Demon’s Souls, the Dark Souls’ plot won’t have any connection to the original.  The game will drop Demon’s Souls’ region-based format, opting for a much larger open world and emphasizing exploration as a key gameplay component.  From Software also mentioned expanded character creation and creative new uses of the series’ co-op mode, which lets a player enter a game as either a friend or foe.

Dark Souls will be a PS3 exclusive in Japan, but publisher Namco Bandai plans to release the American version on the 360 as well.

From Famitsu, via 1up

Pokemon Black and White US Release Confirmed, Dated

Nintendo confirmed today that the next pair of Pokemon games, Black and White, will be released in the US and Europe.  The games will be released in the west Spring 2011.  For the Japanese (and import fans) the game will become available far sooner, some time this September.

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Alleged Alpha Protocol Developer Bashes His Own Game

Planning to go get your copy of the so-called “Spy-RPG” “Alpha Protocol” today?  You might wanna re-think that decision after hearing this.

“AP” hasn’t been received particularly well by the media – The game has a Metacritic score of 67, for example.  Scores and ratings aside, you know a game is bad when its creators are trying to distance themselves from the project.  One review in particular, though, is worthy of special attention:  In response to a particularly bad review from Joystiq, an anonymous poster alleging to be a member of the game’s development team slammed the game’s producers, claiming that the game shouldn’t have ever been released.

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Comparing Consoles: Final Fantasy XIII

Having trouble deciding which version of Final Fantasy XIII to buy?  This video compares a cutscene from each graphics of the Xbox 360 and PS3 version.  To be completely honest, the video doesn’t do either game justice, but even here the PS3 edges out the 360 with more intense colors and a slightly higher level of detail.

To be frank, it would have surprising if the Xbox version were the better of the two, seeing as Final Fantasy is franchise geared towards the Japanese audience, which greatly favors the PS3.  While it’s nothing like the Bayonetta fiasco, (There’s nothing wrong with either version) given the opportunity it would behoove you to pick up the PS3 version, given the opportunity.

Giant Final Fantasy MMORPG Announcement Explosion!

Are people still playing Final Fantasy XI?

I’m kidding.  But for those who may not realize, the Final Fantasy MMORPG experiment has an extremely loyal fanbase that has kept the game up and running for eight years.  To celebrate the game’s eighth anniversary, Square announced at this weekend’s “Vana Fest” fan convention that they will be releasing three new expansion packs that will be released over the course of 2010.  The three packs, named “Vision of Abyssea”, “Scars of Abyssea” and “Heroes of Abyssea”, will each cost 10 dollars, and will be released on all platforms simultaneously.  Players must already have the game’s two larger expansion packs, “Rise of the Zilart” and “Wings of the Goddess” in order to play them.  The first pack (Vision of Abyssea) will become available this summer.

At the same time, Square also announced that the first beta for their NEXT MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, will begin on March 14’th.  The beta is apparently very small and PC-only.  Square consoled upset applicants who didn’t get invited to the beta, saying that they plan to call in more players for an expanded beta in the future.  Fans who are sad because they didn’t even know Square was taking applications in December shouldn’t feel left out either:  FFXIV is currently expected to be a 2010 release.

Fan-Made Final Fantasy VII-2 Video

n case you haven’t figured it out yet, there isn’t going to be a Final Fantasy VII remake or sequel on PS3, or probably ever.  Square-Enix has said that they wouldn’t think of tackling the project because it would take years to do right.  Some fans have a hard time letting go though; Thai designer ToNg, for instance, made a short video of a battle from “Final Fantasy VII-2”. His version looks like an early PS2 game, but that is still a pretty major visual update from the original.