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Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Will Be a Ghost-Centric Prequel

According to the UK edition of Official Playstation Magazine, the next Call of Duty game, “Modern Warfare 3”, will actually be a MW prequel to the series revolving around supporting character Ghost.  Fans of the series have been clamoring for more of Ghost since MW2, and rumors of a spin-off or prequel starring Ghost began circulating since January.  In their rumors section, OPMUK mentions “insider whispers” alleging that; “Infinity Ward’s next Modern Warfare title will be a prequel, with Ghost in the lead role.”
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Rumor: Diablo 3 Going Multi-Platform?

Speaking at a DICE conference today, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said that the company is at least considering bringing Diablo 3 to consoles.   Blizzard is definitively a PC developer, almost never designing games for console gaming – the last time was the original Diablo, which was ported to PS1.  In spite of their history, it seems that they’re reconsidering; “I think you could make an argument that a game like Diablo might play very well on a console,” said Morhaime, “It’s something that we’re actually doing an investigation into to see if that could make sense.”  That said, Morhaime said that there were many “issues” with making a console version of the game, mainly involving DLC and the effective use of patches.

Final verdict:  While it’s a nice thought, don’t hold your breath.

Via Joystiq

Activision Developing Call of Duty “Digital Platform”

For years, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick’s dream has been to find a way to charge a subscription fee for Call of Duty.  CoD is one of the biggest, most lucrative franchises in the video game industry and it would make sense that he (and Activision) would want to take advantage of that.  In spite of that, Activision has said they would “never” charge for access to CoD multiplayer.  Rumors of CoD adding a subscription have been met with intense displeasure.

With that in mind, Activision announced the formation of a new subsidiary developer, Beachhead Studios, to develop a new “digital platform” to “support” the Call of Duty series.  The platform, which has apparently been in the works for the past year, will…  well it’s purpose is still somewhat uncertain.  According to Kotick, the platform will; “[focus] on the delivery, digitally, of new, innovative Call of Duty content and services [that] will enable tens of millions of players around the world to continue to enjoy the experience that Call of Duty offers.”  Also, “The platform will support in-game integration and bring online experiences and console play together for the first time.”
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Dance Central Survey Points to Potential New Features

A recent survey from Microsoft shows some of the types of features the studio is looking into for the sequel.  Dance Central 2 has supposedly been in pre-production since before the original was even released.

Some of potential features look to expand the game’s functionality; the ability to choreograph custom dances will appeal to core fans, while the addition of back-up dancers will add some Rock-Bandesque co-op gameplay.  Apparently there may also be a “fitness mode”, pushing the game even further into the casual zone.   There are also some technical improvements listed; the ability to replay specific portions of a dance and more helpful advice on how to improve.
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Huh? Halo Remake Coming This Year!?

I think somebody hates me.  Last week G4T reported that, based on an interview from 343 Industries development director Frank O’Connor, it seemed unlikely that there would be a new entry to the Halo franchise in 2011, and that 343 industries’ next project would not be a remake of Halo: Combat Evolved.  Shortly after that report, Joystiq claimed to have confirmed that 343 is in fact working on a remake of Halo:CE, which will be released in time for the game’s tenth anniversary this November.

If the Joystiq report is accurate, then the remake is being developed by Saber Interactive (Timeshift, Inversion) and produced by 343 Industries.  The graphics for the remake will be done from scratch, as opposed to HD updates like the God of War and Sly Collections:  The remake will support 1080p and 3D graphics.  Also, the Halo remake will likely feature online co-op, a staple for more recent entries in the series.  Joystiq believes that the game will be released on November 15th, the tenth anniversary of the Halo franchise.

As of today, this is all simply conjecture:  Neither Microsoft, 343 Industries or Saber Interactive have confirmed that the Halo remake is actually in the works.  We’ll keep you up to speed as more information comes to light.

Rumor: MTV Games Shutting Down!?

MTV Games has been shut down by parent company Viacom following the sale of Rock Band 3 developer Harmonix, according to MCV.  The staff has been thinned down to a skeleton crew tasked with handling the firms last financial transactions before closing its doors for good.

MTV games sold their cash cow, Rock Band developer Harmonix, to the investment group Columbus Nova at the end of last year.  MTV had announced they would be looking to sell Harmonix or shut the developer down in November after Rock Band 3 sales did not meet expectations.  Meanwhile, Harmonix has filed a lawsuit against MTV parent company Viacom over “manipulating costs” to avoid paying incentive-based bonuses to Harmonix employees.  In other words, MTV games is in pretty dire straits and, though this currently just a rumor, it is certainly believable.

This is just a rumor – Neither MTV or Viacom have confirmed or denied the fate of the studio.  We’ll update as news comes in.

From MCV via Joystiq

New Intel on the Goldeneye Remake

You want a Goldeneye Re-Make?  YOU CAN’T HANDLE A GOLDENEYE REMAKE!

Well, maybe you can.  These prospective box art images, part of an upcoming customer survey from Activision, got leaked to GoNintendo.  Mumblings about the re-make have intensified since Activision registered a Goldeneye website, Goldeneyegame.com.  Shortly after, word came out that Activision had planned to release the original N64 game as a downloadable, but that it (and presumably any Other Goldeneye projects) were being held up by legal issues revolving around the various licensing agreements required to publish a re-make of a game based on a film franchise…

According to Eurogamer, the new Goldeneye, now a Nintendo exclusive, is out of development limbo and on track to be in stores this holiday season.  If that’s even close to true, there will be a HUGE unveiling at E3.  So make yourself a martini and keep your eyes peeled, because it seems like good news is on the way.

Ed Boon Hints at Mortal Kombat 9

Recent tweets from “Mortal Kombat” creator Ed Boon have implied that he’s working on the next direct entry in the series, Mortal Kombat 9.  Boon’s comments are the latest in a series of tiny pieces of evidence that a new MK is in the works.  Before now, two actresses, Dana Lyn Baron and Brenda Barry, have voice acting credits for “Mortal Kombat 9” on IMDB playing Sonya and Kitana respectively.  Dana Lyn Baron also mentioned her role in the game in a blog, which has since been taken down.

Now, acting credits are one thing, but playful musings from the series’ creative mastermind is much more intriguing evidence.  First, Boon tweeted; “9 + 25 = FALSE.”  The statement is cryptic, but G4 has a theory as to what it may mean.  If “9” is “Mortal Kombat 9”, then “25” may refer to rumors that the game is under already development and will be ready for this holiday season.  Then, more recently, Boon also tweeted; “Here are those MK9 beta codes I promised you: TEERH-ONRUS-TNUBT-NO Hope you enjoy the beta! Just kidding…I ain’t got shit. ; )”  Nothing really to say about the comment, but Boon’s casual and repeated reference to the game could be seen as a sign in itself.

So, is there a new MK or not?  Honestly, there’s no way to know for certain now, but it’s safe to say that if the game is in development and as far along as rumors indicate, then there will definitely be news about it in the near future, most like at E3 next month.

Rumor: Activision to Dissolve Infinity Ward After Next MW2 Map Pack

In an interview with CVG, Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey predicted that Activision will shut down “Modern Warfare” developer Infinity Ward after the launch of the second “Modern Warfare 2” map pack.  Infinity Ward – a subsidiary of Activision – has been at the center of a major industry scandal, beginning with Activision firing the team’s creative leaders, Jason West and Vince Zampella.  Since then, approximately a quarter of the 100-man development team have left the studio, many of them leaving to join West and Zampella’s new EA-Sponsored studio, Respawn Entertainment.  Between that and a pair of lawsuits aimed at them, one from West and Zampella and another from Infinity Ward’s employees, it would come as no surprise if Activision decided that cutting their losses was the prudent decision.

Hickey predicted that Activision will divide the development of “Modern Warfare 3” between multiple studios.  Though he didn’t mention the non Modern Warfare Call of Duty developers Treyarch and Sledgehammer, they are certainly the likely candidates.  Then again, looking at Treyarch’s track record, let’s hope Activision decides to hand their flagship series over to more… prestigious developers.

Manhunt 3 Gets Shut Down Before it Even Starts

Manhunt, Rockstar’s Saw-esque stealth murdering game, has always had a cult following.  Despite the series’ lack of critical support, there are just some people who really love the game’s brutal nature.  Chief among those fans were the games’ developers themselves, who had already begun pre-production on the third entry in the series:  According to Gofanboy, they had even begun working on a control scheme for the Playstation Move. Unfortunately for them (and every other Manhunt fan) Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two saw those ideas and have already told them that there is no chance of their being a “Manhunt 3”.  “Manhunt 3” would’ve been the first entry on PS3…

Well, technically it still could be, Rockstar hasn’t officially said anything about the future of the series.