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343 Industries says no new Halo in 2011

343 Industries development director Frank O’Connor spoke to some of the many rumors regarding the future of Halo franchise.  Speaking with Official Xbox Magazine UK, O’Connor said that the studio “has nothing to announce right now,” but he did leave behind some clues, mostly to deny many popular rumors about their first Halo project.
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Rumor: Microsoft Will Announce Hulu Service for Xbox 360 at E3

According to tech news site Gear Live, (Via Kotaku) Microsoft will announce at E3 that Xbox Live users will be able to stream television and movies from Hulu with a paid subscription.  The announcement wouldn’t be much of a surprise; rumors of a similar subscription-based Hulu service for the iPad, as well as a premium version of the video streaming site for PCs have been around for a LONG time now.

In addition to making Hulu Xbox Live-ready, the consensus is that the premium service would allegedly give members access to an expanded library of content:  For example, while current and future non-paying Hulu users are only able to watch the five most recently aired episodes of a TV show like “Glee”, premium members would be able to watch the entire season.  Another rumor alleges that premium subscribers would also see fewer ads while they watched.

The biggest mystery that remains is how much the premium and/or Xbox Live Hulu service will cost.  Also, based on what that price, will Xbox Live members be able to pay a smaller fee for access to content that would be free on a browser.  On that note, rumormongers have connected the Hulu-Xbox Live service to longstanding murmuring about a new “Platinum” level Xbox Live service.

Thats a lot of rumors.  Rumors contingent on other rumors.  Overall, however, there is a single consistent message that is clear and more than likely will occur – Hulu will be available on Xbox Live, and you will have to pay extra for it.  Knowing that, who you pay isn’t that important.

Rumor: Playstation Move Coming in July?

According to a circular from a South African video game retailer, PS3 owner may get to try their hand at motion-control gameplay sooner than expected.  BT Games’ June sales ad announces that gamers should “watch out” for Move during the month of July.  The possibility of this being true is weak at best:  BT Games has said nothing about a specific release date, and Sony made it very clear that they plan to release the Move and its initial software lineup in the fall.  Plus, the idea of releasing a piece of relatively expensive gaming hardware so far away from the holidays seems like a disastrous plan from a business perspective.

Still, BT Games has built a little of credibility in these matter, the chain broke the news about the 250 GB Xbox 360 in an ad months before Microsoft announced it’s existence.  It is possible that the BT ad refers to pre-ordering the controller, or possibly some kind of promotional event.  Regardless, the Move’s future will be set in stone in just over two weeks at E3.

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Rumor: Visceral Games is Gearing Up for Dante’s Inferno 2

A posting on the Gamasutra job board has implied that Dead Space 2 developer Visceral Games has already begun planning for their next project, a sequel to the 2009 literary adaptation of the Divine Comedy, “Dante’s Inferno.”  For those unfamiliar with literature, Dante’s divine comedy is split into three volumes; Inferno, Purgatorio (Purgatory) and Paradiso. (Paradise)  Three books.  Three games.  It makes perfect sense, right?

The job posting is for an environmental artist, whom they need for the follow-up to “bold new franchise…  heavily back by EA.”  In addition to being their newest franchise, “Inferno” is Visceral’s only other active franchise besides “Dead Space.”  Given that “Dead Space 2” is already in the works…  There just aren’t a whole lot of things it could be.  The news that EA is pushing for “Inferno 2” is not even remotely surprising.  The game is primed for a sequel, and based on the level of support EA put behind the original…  Well, it was only a matter of time.

“Dead Space 2” will likely be released in early 2011, so “Dante’s Inferno 2”, assuming it’s already in pre-production, won’t be around until early-to-mid 2012.

Rumor: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker May Get Released for PS3

A comment after a Q&A session with Konami has hinted that “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker” may be released on PSN instead of PSP, which means the game will be playable on PS3 AND PSP.  According to a Gamepro contributor, Konami staffers were asking reporter how they felt about the idea – apparently, they were more interested in the answers then one would normally assume…  Which means they’re actually think about doing it.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea.  In fact, I think that developers should start doing that regularly.  There’s no reason to limit your players’ options.  Making PSP games into “PSN Games” gives downloadable games more legitimacy as a viable development option.

Bottom Line:  Do it Konami.  Just do it.

Rumor: Activision Developing “Guitar Hero: Red Hot Chili Peppers”

According to a customer survey from producer Activision, the Red Hot Chili Peppers may be the next band in line to be immortalized in their own special Guitar Hero game.  RHCP would be the fourth band to appear to their own Guitar Hero entry, following in the footsteps of  Arrosmith, Val Halen and Metallica.

Kotaku reader forwarded the survey to the blog, which described the game as similar to previous band-centric GH titles; the track list would mostly come from the band, with a few songs from guest artists hand-picked by the band.  The survey implies that, though the track list will have albums from every part of the band’s history, it will focus on “Californication”, “By the Way” and their upcoming new album.

Activision has not made any kind of official comment confirming or denying the game, and there is no word on when the game would be released.  That said, given that the Chili Peppers’ new album probably won’t drop until this Fall, the game almost certainly won’t be coming before then.  if the game is coming in 2010, there will likely be an official announcement in the near future, possibly at E3 in June.

Rumor: Portal 2 Will Be Released on PS3

Ever since the PS3 “Orange Box” debacle, developer Valve has pretty much refused to put any of their games (“Left 4 Dead”, “Portal”, etc) on PS3.  So it’s surprising that the newest issue of PSM3 magazine will feature a preview of Valve’s next project “Portal 2”.  When Portal 2 was originally announced, Valve said that the game would be released for PC and Xbox 360.  Later they said that the PC version will also work on Macs.

Since Valve has yet to officially confirm the news, so we’ll leave this one in the rumor column for now.  That said, PSM3 is a reliable source, so it’s relatively a safe bet as far as rumors ago.

Microsoft Spills the Beans on “Gears of War 3”

So last night Cliff Bleszinski was supposed to unveil a “New Project” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.  Unfortunately, Cliffy B was bumped at the last minute so that Justin Bieber could play the drums with Questlove from “The Roots”:  Meanwhile, Bleszinski’s appearance was delayed to Monday night…

Apparently, nobody told the guys at Microsoft.  Early this morning, Xbox Spotlight featured an interesting ad:

So now we know what we’ve all assumed until now.  “Gears of War 3” will be released in April, 2011.  Bleszinski will still be on “Late Night” on Monday night.  We may know about the game now, but presumably the guys at Epic Games had a flashier debut in mind:  Presumably, we will actually get to see the game.

Meanwhile, since the postponement rumors have sprung up about changes and new features in the game.  According to Edge, there will be a focus making covered positions a little less secure this time around: on the one hand, there will be a new tentacled enemies that can reach behind cover and attack players.  On the other, players will have access to a new type of grenade that burrows underground to hit entrenched enemies.  Also, apparently the game will take place in “summer”, so the grey and brown color scheme of the first two games may get an infusion of color.