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Fable 3 Screens

Screens of Fable 3 from GDC.  All of these images come from an underground dungeon of some kind.  Fable 3 will be in stores November 14’th.

More Playstation Move Screens and Movies

Just wanted to add some more images of the Move controller and launch lineup for all you inquiring minds out there…

1)  The Controller

Dukes / Motion Fighter

Move Party

Sports Champions

SOCOM 4 Gameplay Video

Fallout: New Vegas Screenshots

Fallout: New Vegas looks great, as we can see from these screens.  Obsidian Entertainment, who created the first two entries in the Fallout series are clearly taking a lot of cues from Fallout 3 developer Bethesda Studios, which is definitely a good thing.  Seeing as the screen came from a spread from PC Gamer, obviously these screens are from the PC version of the game.  Though no specific release date has been set, Obsidian has said that Fallout: New Vegas will be released some time this fall.

Sony Unveils their “Big Surprise”: SOCOM 4

Remember that “Surprise Sequel” that people have been talking about for the past week or so?  Well Sony, on behalf of Zipper Interactive, announced that the developer is working on SOCOM 4, the first entry of the series for PS3.  Many people assumed that SOCOM 4 was a long way off, given that Zipper recently released their experimental FPS MAG.  Well apparently, that’s not the case.

Here’s what we know:  The single-player campaign revolves an operation to sabotage a military coup in south-east Asia.  As always, the gameplay revolves around squad-based tactics and combat.  According to Zipper’s “senior community manager” Jeremy Dunham, the campaign will unfold in a directorial style similar to “Uncharted 2”.  On the technical side, Dunham mentioned that all of the characters’ movements will be recorded via motion-capture.

Dunham also took the time to assure MAG fans that, even though Zipper is working on SOCOM now, they are committed to supporting MAG for the long haul…  Unfortunately, this probably means that we won’t be hearing about any plans for MAG DLC in the near future.

Just like everything else right now, while the details are currently few and far-between, expect to get plenty of info at E3 this spring.