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Correction: Max Anarchy is now Anarchy Reigns

Earlier this week, Games4thought reported on the first details Bayonetta developer Platinum games newest project was leaked by Famitsu via Japanese gaming industry blog Andriasang.  In my earlier report, I wrote that Max Anarchy is going to be a multiplayer-intensive brawler/fighter that will be released in Japan some time during 2011.

Technically all of that is true:  The Japanese version of the game will be called Max Anarchy.  In the US, however, the game will be called Anarchy Reigns.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag and the project is out in the open, Sega decided to make a separate US announcement, revealing the game’s new title, along with a couple of screenshots and a teaser trailer. (Check ’em out after the jump) Game director Masaki Yamanaka also confirmed that Anarchy Rising will see a worldwide release this fall.
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Platinum Games Announces “Max Anarchy”

Bayonetta and Vanquish fans rejoice!  Developer Platinum Games has revealed to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that they’ve begun work on their fifth collaboration with Sega.  Titled “Max Anarchy”, this game will be an online action game, and Platinum’s first featuring online play.

The Famitsu spread features an interview with producer Atsushi Inaba and screenshots of characters, including Madworld protagonist Jack, fighting with “chainsaws and torches”, according to Joystiq.
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Alleged Alpha Protocol Developer Bashes His Own Game

Planning to go get your copy of the so-called “Spy-RPG” “Alpha Protocol” today?  You might wanna re-think that decision after hearing this.

“AP” hasn’t been received particularly well by the media – The game has a Metacritic score of 67, for example.  Scores and ratings aside, you know a game is bad when its creators are trying to distance themselves from the project.  One review in particular, though, is worthy of special attention:  In response to a particularly bad review from Joystiq, an anonymous poster alleging to be a member of the game’s development team slammed the game’s producers, claiming that the game shouldn’t have ever been released.

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Did you like seeing how to make a portable N64?  Well, if you thought that was cool, then you will be blown away by this.  Chinese Modder XCKDIY also felt the need to bring his old-school gaming on the go, but he wanted something a little more stylish…

So he built his into a boombox!

Though XCKDIY hasn’t handed out his instructions on how to re-create his masterpiece, it looks like he pretty much hollowed the stereo.  All we can see is that he’s put in a small screen where the tape deck should be, with controller ports below it.

Don’t believe the Dreamcast Boombox is real?  XCKDIY thought you might be skeptical, so he made a video of the machine in action.

(Via TinyCartridge)

Sonic 4 Gets Delayed, Will be Released on iPhone

Sega broke the bad news to Sonic fans today that the nostalgia-inducing downloadable “Sonic 4: Volume 1” has been pushed from its fast-approaching “summer” release to some time in “Late 2010”.  Sega said that the development team needs more time to “tune, balance, and maintain the kind of polish” and an “unrivaled classic Sonic feel.”  So far it looks like Sega has taken a lot of time to make sure fans of the series feel a rush of nostalgia when they play this new game – if they need a little extra time, it looks like it could be worth the wait.

Trying to sprinkle a little good news in with the bad, Sega also announced that, in addition to being available via PSN, Xbox Live and Wiiware, the company is developing a version of the game for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  While it is nice that Sega is adding a portable option for the game, it might be challenging for Sega to maintain that “classic feel” on a platform that has no buttons…

UPDATE:  Sega also released a trailer.  Gameplay in Splash Hill Zone.

Randy Pitchford says “Aliens: Colonial Marines” is Going to Happen

Now that fans have been disappointed by Sega/Rebellion’s “Aliens vs. Predator”, many people are looking back and realizing that Gearbox Studios of “Borderlands” fame previewed a game based in the Aliens universe over three years ago!  Well Randy Pitchford, never walking away from an opportunity to the press, says that “Aliens: Colonial Marines” is now Gearbox’s number one project.  Pitchford, speaking with British news site MCV said; “It’s the thing I’ve been stealing from all my career. Now I’m really working on it, but we’ve been quiet about that so far.”

Apparently, Sega, who is also producing this game, put “Colonial Marines” on hold, choosing to focus on getting the new AvP game onto shelves.  It was at that time that Gearbox began working on “Borderlands”.  Pitchford also attributed the delay on the game on his firms new success:  “Borderlands took over Gearbox,” Pitchford said in the interview, “We had so much fun working on that and when we finished we wanted to carry on.  And the DLC — we’ve launched two so far and there’s a third to come which take us to a new level in every way.”  It’s understandable; the studio, and Pitchford, have become sort of overnight celebrities in the gaming world.

But now, it’s back to reality.  Not very much is actually known about Aliens: Colonial Marines.  It’s a squad-based shooter where players step into the role of an alien-killing military outfit.  Hopefully Pitchford and Co. will make enough progress to show off at E3 in June.

Alpha Protocol Gets Official Release Date

After multiple delays, Sega and Obsidian Entertainment have announced that Spy RPG “Alpha Protocol” will land on store shelves on June 1’st.  The game was supposed to come out last February, but was pushed back to October, and then again to “Spring 2010”, without any explanation.  As a result, many are reasonably skeptical of the so-called firm date.

Also contributing to the skepticism is the lack of information about the game.  Alpha Protocol will supposedly be a stealth-adventure game in the vein of Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell that features “RPG Elements”.  The delays could stem from the fact that stealth and adventure games are departure from the developer’s comfort zone:  As a developer, Obsidian is known exclusively for it’s RPGs, including “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2” and “Neverwinter Nights 2”.  In other words, don’t think that you anything about what this game will be like or if it will be good; there is absolutely no way to tell.

After Alpha Protocol, Obsidian’s will presumably dive head-first into the next entry in the “Fallout” series, “New Vegas”.