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So we’re Gonna Get to Play “Six Days in Fallujah”?

As of almost a year ago, the Iraq war shooter “Six Days in Fallujah” was stopped in its tracks and presumed dead by everyone…  everyone except developer Atomic Games, that is.  IGN claims to have heard from a source close to the game that, not only is the game still around; apparently the game is ready for release, pending a deal for distribution by a producer.

Konami, the original producer, dropped the project last April shortly after unveiling the project.  The game was immediately branded “controversial” and it seems likely that Konami was willing to suffer the negative press.  Atomic was still in development months later when the company announced massive layoffs in August:  Atomic attributed the layoffs, in part, to the lack of a producer for “Fallujah”.  At that point, the game was presumed dead.

But again, that wasn’t the end of the story.  According to IGN’s informant, Atomic kept working on the game with only 20 percent of the original staff.  So gamers, if you want to play “Six Days in Fallujah”, write your favorite game producer and demand that they distribute the game.  Lets face it; even if the game is finished, there’s no way it’s going to see the light of day unless there’s a demand for it.