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More Playstation Move Screens and Movies

Just wanted to add some more images of the Move controller and launch lineup for all you inquiring minds out there…

1)  The Controller

Dukes / Motion Fighter

Move Party

Sports Champions

SOCOM 4 Gameplay Video

Meet the Playstation “Move”

So much for that time I said I was sure Sony was going to name it the “Arc”.  Sony officially unveiled their new wand/motion controller, the Playstation Move, tonight during their keynote their keynote address at GDC.  According to Kotaku, documents from a European patent office surfaced earlier today, revealing the name early, but that wasn’t enough time for most people (Me) to get the message.

Anyways, so it’s called the Move.  I was wrong.  Get over it.

Sony is pretty excited about this thing.  Peter Dille, who led the Move presentation, claimed (indirectly) that the Move is more sensitive and versatile then thewiimote; “previous motion devices have used controller simply as pointer of mouse – ours becomes an extension of your body.”  For those who haven’t seen the Move before, it works with the Playstation “Eye” camera, so if you don’t have one you’ll need to get one of those as well…

Don’t worry though:  Sony said that, when Move launches this fall, there will be three different packages to suit every gamers needs:  A single Move controller, packaged with the Eye, or as part of a bundle with a PS3 console.  According to the presentation, the eye/move package should cost under 100 dollars.

So far, there hasn’t been any word about what kind of software support “Move” will have at launch.  Sony said the reason they pushed the Move’s launch back almost a year ago was to allow more compatible games to be available at launch, so there should be some interesting games on the way.  Sony has already announced that some upcoming franchise games will be Move-compatible, including SOCOM 4 and a re-release of LittleBigPlanet, dubbed “LittleBigPlanet Move”.

As for Move-Exclusives, there are only a couple known as of now.  First, there’s MOVE Party, which 1up.com compared to WarioWare on Wii.  “Sports Champions”, which looks like Wii Sports with real people.  Lastly, there’s a boxing game that has been referred to by various media outlets as both “Motion Fighter” and “Dukes”.  Thanks to Kotaku, we have a video of someone playing it.

More info will almost definitely be coming in the next few days…

Sony Patents “Degradable” Demos

With the access to content provided by the various console networks (PSN,Xbox Live and WiiWare) demos are becoming an integral demos has become an integral part of selling games.  Making demos isn’t easy though; it has to allude to the best experience the game has to offer without actually providing it.  Most demos try to provide very limited and controlled experiences, that way the developer knows that they’re putting their best foot forward.  Unfortunately, sometimes this plan backfires; a demo for a game that has been branded as “repetitive” or “unoriginal” only makes the game seem worse.  Case in point, THQ decided to release a 90-minute long demo of “Darksiders” in order to combat the game’s reputation as a poor man’s God of War; an opinion that was based, in part, on a linear and combat-heavy demo.  The longer demo, which gives players unfettered access to the first level of the game, does a paint a more accurate picture of what one should expect from “Darksiders”.

Sony is looking for a solution to the demo conundrum and, according to SiliconEra, they may have found it.  Sony recently put a patent on a new tech for “Degradable Demos”, which would give gamers access to a the entire game for a limited time, but would eventually self-delete certain parts, turning into something that looks more like what we currently expect of a demo.  For example, a fighting game demo might allow players to use every character at first, but after a few hours, certain characters disappear until eventually you are left with two or three characters.  Other changes described by the patent include weakening the player character, removing items and levels, even permanently changing the contrast/brightness levels in-game.

So what does this mean?  While many gamers might find the prospect of having a game that slowly takes features away from you to be a pain, unfettered access to a game from demos, even for a small time, may be a better indicator of whether you will like a game or not, which should be important to anyone who has limited funds to spend on games…  Which is everybody.  Obviously, all of this is speculation based on a patent:  There are currently no plans for developers to start offering degradable demos in the foreseeable future or a timetable for when the technology would be ready to use.

Sony Unveils their “Big Surprise”: SOCOM 4

Remember that “Surprise Sequel” that people have been talking about for the past week or so?  Well Sony, on behalf of Zipper Interactive, announced that the developer is working on SOCOM 4, the first entry of the series for PS3.  Many people assumed that SOCOM 4 was a long way off, given that Zipper recently released their experimental FPS MAG.  Well apparently, that’s not the case.

Here’s what we know:  The single-player campaign revolves an operation to sabotage a military coup in south-east Asia.  As always, the gameplay revolves around squad-based tactics and combat.  According to Zipper’s “senior community manager” Jeremy Dunham, the campaign will unfold in a directorial style similar to “Uncharted 2”.  On the technical side, Dunham mentioned that all of the characters’ movements will be recorded via motion-capture.

Dunham also took the time to assure MAG fans that, even though Zipper is working on SOCOM now, they are committed to supporting MAG for the long haul…  Unfortunately, this probably means that we won’t be hearing about any plans for MAG DLC in the near future.

Just like everything else right now, while the details are currently few and far-between, expect to get plenty of info at E3 this spring.

Sony Scoops Up Developer Media Molecule, says “Nothing will Change”

SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe) announced today that they are purchasing developer Media Molecule, the firm responsible for “LittleBigPlanet”.  SCEE posted their public announcement on their company blog this morning, declaring that “nothing will change” for gamers; “Media Molecule will simply continue to make great games.”

Given that the developer’s only project to date was “LittleBigPlanet”, the decision to merge the two companies makes perfect sense.  Comparing this action with the last major industry acquisition, Warner Bros Interactive buying up Rocksteady, it would make sense to imply that “Molecule” may be working on the next major entry in the “LittleBigPlanet” franchise.

ALERT: PSN Downed by Clock Error, Sony Urges gamers to stop using Consoles until Further Notice

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw reports that PSN went down on Sunday night I dismissed the problem as minor and didn’t bother to post on it.  Boy, I learned my lesson.  As complaints resound across the internet of the downed Playstation Network, Sony has been updating gamers throughout the day on the problem.

Heres the skinny:  As of now, Sony is saying that the problem  stems from the system’s clocks reverting to 2000, which causes PSN to crash and possibly delete some users data Y2K-style.  The problem only affects older PS3 users:  Anyone who owns the most recent “Slim”-version PS3 shouldn’t notice a thing…  Other than a distinct lack of competition online.  Sony says that they think they will fix the problem “in the next 24 hours” (Less now, ostensibly, as they said that this afternoon); however, Sony recommends that users that have or would be effected by the problem (non-Slim PS3 owners) not turn on their systems until Sony announces that they’ve solved the problem because, if you lose any data, there won’t be any way to get it back.  Achievement Hogs:  That means you may have start from scratch if you turn your systems on!

Obviously, this is a shitty situation but Sony seems to be doing all they can to fix the problem so, rather than yell and complain, the best thing to do right now is just listen to what they have to say.

Games4Thought will be here to let everyone know when it’s ok to turn your PS3 back on.