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Dungeon Siege 3 Dated

Square Enix announced today that highly anticipated adventure-RPG Dungeon Siege 3 will hit stores worldwide on May 27th.  Dungeon Siege 3 will be the series’ console debut – DS3 will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360, in addition to the PC.  Fans who pre-order the game will get a limited edition that comes with four special in-game items.

Since Dungeon Siege 3 is being developed by Obsidian (Fallout: New Vegas) expect this game to emphasize plot more than previous entries, adding a branching storyline where plot decisions will have a lasting effect on the adventure that you will feel down the road.

Though it’s not a Diablo-killer, Dungeon Siege has done right by its fans to date, so if you’re looking for a loot-grabbing, hack-and-slash experience, you should absolutely check this one out.

Front Mission Evolved Suits Up This Fall

Square Enix sent a release today announcing that “Front Mission Evolved” will hit store shelves on September 14th. With “Evolved,” Square Enix looks to re-invent an old franchise that that has never been especially successful outside of Japan.  “Evolved” breaks away from the strategy RPG roots of Front Mission’s history, opting instead for a faster-paced action style.  “Evolved” is also the first game in the series to be designed by a western developer, Double Helix Games.  And lastly, Square Enix said that “Evolved” will feature some form of 3D effects.  All in all, the game is definitely looking to shake things up – look for it this fall.

Square Enix Announces Just Cause 2 “Black Market” DLC Packs

Square Enix London announced today that they plan to release two new downloadable content packs in the next month for their sandbox explosion extraveganza, “Just Cause 2.”   Dubbed “Black Market” packs, both downloads offer a set of weapons and/or vehicles to enhance your jet-crashing, building-crushing experience.  The first download, “Black Market Aerial Pack”, will be released next week.  As the name implies, it adds some new equipment for aerial combat.  The pack adds a new jet, a multi-lock missile launcher and mini-thrusters that attach to Rico’s parachute.  The “Black Market Boom Pack” will launch on May 25th, adding a cadre of über-powerful explosive weapons, including a “Quad Rocket Launcher” and an “Air Propulsion Gun” that can blow away enemy vehicles.  Both packs will cost 1.99 on PSN or 160 MS points on Xbox Live.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Dated

Kane and Lynch: Dog Days, sequel to the oddly high-profile, “Kane and Lynch: Dead Men”, is set to hit stores on August 24’th.  In the sequel, the dynamic duo unravels a mystery while fighting off Chinese mafia in Shanghai.  The game’s camera uses a shaky “Hand-Cam” style to emphasize the game’s grittiness.

As a game, the original Kane and Lynch was buggy and had a stilted storyline, but gained notoriety in the gaming community after an editor from Gamespot was fired for panning the game, despite developer Eidos’ sincere requests (and alleged threats to pull major advertising dollars).  The sequel looks graphically sound, so we’ll just have to see if the sequel stirs up as much trouble as the original.

Giant Final Fantasy MMORPG Announcement Explosion!

Are people still playing Final Fantasy XI?

I’m kidding.  But for those who may not realize, the Final Fantasy MMORPG experiment has an extremely loyal fanbase that has kept the game up and running for eight years.  To celebrate the game’s eighth anniversary, Square announced at this weekend’s “Vana Fest” fan convention that they will be releasing three new expansion packs that will be released over the course of 2010.  The three packs, named “Vision of Abyssea”, “Scars of Abyssea” and “Heroes of Abyssea”, will each cost 10 dollars, and will be released on all platforms simultaneously.  Players must already have the game’s two larger expansion packs, “Rise of the Zilart” and “Wings of the Goddess” in order to play them.  The first pack (Vision of Abyssea) will become available this summer.

At the same time, Square also announced that the first beta for their NEXT MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, will begin on March 14’th.  The beta is apparently very small and PC-only.  Square consoled upset applicants who didn’t get invited to the beta, saying that they plan to call in more players for an expanded beta in the future.  Fans who are sad because they didn’t even know Square was taking applications in December shouldn’t feel left out either:  FFXIV is currently expected to be a 2010 release.