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French Performer Plays Real-World Mario Kart

Apparently the French take Mario Kart very seriously.

Performance artist Remi Gaillard decided that the French don’t get enough excitement in their lives.  In order to cause to chaos, Gaillard dresses up like Mario, tools around town in a red go-kart and throws plush shells at people.  This is actually Remi Kart 2; Gaillard already pulled the exact same stunt once back in 2008.  Making his own seemingly random “course,” Gaillard goes for an authentic Mario Kart experience, throwing bananas behind him on the highway and driving through a supermarket, stopping to pick up more bananas, of course.

Unfortunately, just like his first Mario Kart run in 2008, the ride ends with him getting pulled over by police.

From The Daily What via Geekosystem