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3DS Launch Lineup Detailed


Nintendo released the finalized launch-day lineup for the 3DS today.  In their statement, Nintendo confirmed that most 3DS will cost 40 dollars (US).  There will be 16 launch-day games (18 if you include AR Games and Face Raiders, which come installed on the console.) when the 3DS hits shelves on March 27th.  There are 3 first-party games; Nintendogs + Cats, Pilotwings Resort, and my personal favorite, Steel Diver.  Highlights of t third-party offering include Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Ridge Racer 3D and Madden Football 3D.

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Super Street Fighter IV Trailer

Check out the new TV spot for “Super Street Fighter IV”, showing off the “Super” new characters as they pummel each other to a Just Blaze beat.  While the preview isn’t really persuading enough to make me endorse buying the game if you already have SFIV:  The game is more expansion than sequel, featuring 10 new characters, an additional costume for each original character and additional “bonus rounds” a la “Street Fighter 2”.  Then again, it does make me wish I hadn’t bought the original so I could get this version now.

“Super Street Fighter IV” will start kicking ass and taking names on April 27’th.

April Release Calendar

Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360 Exclusive) (4/13)

Monster Hunter Tri (Wii Exclusive) (4/20)

Nier (4/27)

Super Street Fighter IV (4/27)

FIFA World Cup: South Africa (4/27)

Dead to Rights: Retribution (4/27)

What game(s) are you gonna play this month?