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Silent Hill 8 Christened “Silent Hill: Downpour”

Konami announced today that the upcoming eighth entry in the “Silent Hill” series will now be called “Silent Hill: Downpour”.  “Downpour” is the first original Silent Hill game since “Homecoming” in 2008.

“Downpour” will focus on the story of Murphy Pendleton who, in typical Silent Hill fashion, gets stuck in the haunted town after a mysterious bus crash in the woods nearby.  Based on the name and the screens, (which you can see after the jump) rain seems to be a theme for the game, but there’s no word on any gameplay mechanics revolving around it.
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Dead Space 2 Screens

Got a survival horror itch you can’t scratch?  Maybe looking at some new Dead Space 2 screens will help.  Just imagine a necromorph sneaking up behind you and scratching your back with one of its claw-tentacles…  That’ll make your skin crawl.

Unfortunately, there is still no concrete release date for Dead Space 2, but it will likely be sneaking up on us in early 2011.

Dead Space 2 Trailer

Check out the first video of Visceral Games’ Dead Space 2.  The preview continues the ink blot motif established by the original teaser images released late last year, showing off crazy necromorphs and a red-eyed (marker-powered?) Issac Clarke.  Dead Space was a very well-implemented take on classic survival horror gameplay – lets hope the sequel is as good at keeping gamers on the edge of the seats as the original.

Though EA hasn’t announced an official release date, it’s almost certain that the game will not be released until 2011.