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Rumor: MTV Games Shutting Down!?

MTV Games has been shut down by parent company Viacom following the sale of Rock Band 3 developer Harmonix, according to MCV.  The staff has been thinned down to a skeleton crew tasked with handling the firms last financial transactions before closing its doors for good.

MTV games sold their cash cow, Rock Band developer Harmonix, to the investment group Columbus Nova at the end of last year.  MTV had announced they would be looking to sell Harmonix or shut the developer down in November after Rock Band 3 sales did not meet expectations.  Meanwhile, Harmonix has filed a lawsuit against MTV parent company Viacom over “manipulating costs” to avoid paying incentive-based bonuses to Harmonix employees.  In other words, MTV games is in pretty dire straits and, though this currently just a rumor, it is certainly believable.

This is just a rumor – Neither MTV or Viacom have confirmed or denied the fate of the studio.  We’ll update as news comes in.

From MCV via Joystiq

Viacom Announces Rock Band 3

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman announced today that the next long-awaited edition of Rock Band is on the way, and should be in stores this holiday season.  Dauman, looking to counter speculation in the gaming industry that the era of the music game is over, said in his statement that the game will “innovate and revolutionize the music genre”.

According to various tweets and messages from Harmonix staff sent shortly after Dauman’s statement, Rock Band 3 will produced by MTV Games and distributed by EA.  Some media outlets say they’re expecting more information to slip out during GDC this week, but realistically a release this big needs an equally large stage to show off on…  So while there may be a few measly details released in the coming weeks, expect the big surprises; video, new controllers, etc, to come at E3.