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Did you like seeing how to make a portable N64?  Well, if you thought that was cool, then you will be blown away by this.  Chinese Modder XCKDIY also felt the need to bring his old-school gaming on the go, but he wanted something a little more stylish…

So he built his into a boombox!

Though XCKDIY hasn’t handed out his instructions on how to re-create his masterpiece, it looks like he pretty much hollowed the stereo.  All we can see is that he’s put in a small screen where the tape deck should be, with controller ports below it.

Don’t believe the Dreamcast Boombox is real?  XCKDIY thought you might be skeptical, so he made a video of the machine in action.

(Via TinyCartridge)

Gaming Heroes with Beards

As the average gamer’s age has increased, so too should the maturity of the average gaming hero…  At least, that’s what the Examiner’s David Stonecipher claims when he tried to explain why he felt the urge show the world what some of gaming’s most iconic characters would look like with giant beards…

I really don’t think there’s anything else to say about this, do you?

Master Chief Sings

It looks like Master Chief is out of a job.  Bungie confirmed that there aren’t going to be any new Halo games at least ten years.  Plus, he’s not even in Halo: Reach.  What’s a Spartan to do?

Well apparently he’s been thinking about it, and Master Chief is getting a jump on making the transition from heroic cyborg to…  80’s pop singer.

Who knew that Master Chief would be a Phil Collins fan?

Starcraft Kart – Best Starcraft II Mod Ever

Whats better than Starcraft II?  A Starcraft racing game!  Everdraed, a Starcraft II beta participant, built a map and organized a race, complete with “sweet-ass go karts”.


This is The Game Your Game Could Look Like

Look at this video.  This is what “3D Dot Game Heroes” looks like when it’s imitating an Old Spice Ad.  Weird.  But Awesome.  This game seems to be all about copying things:  The game itself has the makings of a full-on Zelda re-hash.

Look Again.  This is what an actual Old Spice Ad looks like.

South Korea Seeks to Establish “Curfew” on Online Gaming

Parents, are you having trouble keeping your kids from playing WoW all night?  Well in Korea, it’s a VERY serious problem.  So serious, in fact, that the government plans to get involved…

The South Korean government is seeking to impose an online gaming “curfew” to help a generation of internet-addicted teens kick their collective online gaming habit.  The new law, being written by the Korean Ministry of Culture, would seek to establish an online gaming blackout period on popular online games for school-age users.  For example, popular MMORPGs like “Maple Story” and “Mabinogi” would be unplayable in households from midnight to 8am.  Many Korean game developers have already agreed to the plan, and 19 Korean MMORPGs plan to implement some kind of curfew.

Bulgarian City Councilman Canned For Playing Farmville in Meetings

In what must be one of the stupidest stories in video game news history, Dimitar Kerin, a city councilman in Plovdiv, Bulgaria was fired from his post after being repeatedly caught playing Farmville during meetings.  The city council voted to remove Kerin by shockingly narrow margin, 20-19.  Kerin, unhappy with the results, responded by declaring that he needed to play more because members of the council in the opposition party had leveled-up higher than him; rightist Democrat Daniela Zhelyazkova had a level 46 farm, while Kerin’s was only level 40.

QUIZ:  This story proves that; A)  Video Game Addiction is real.  B)  Farmville is the Crack of video games; it’s cheap (free) and highly addictive.  C)  Farmville is stupid.  D)  All of the above.

ANSWER:  Do I really need to say it?

Chinese CS Player Gets Stabbed in the head for Cheating

There never been any doubt, in my mind at least, that gamers are much more competitive in Asia then they are in the states, generally speaking.  Korea, for instance, is home to televised Starcraft matches and the first ever rehab center for video game addiction.  Well, if there was any doubt before, an incident  in the Jilin province of China pretty much seals the deal:  After accusing a competitor of cheating during a public match at an internet cafe, a teen picked up a knife and stabbed another 17-year old boy in the head.  From the X-Ray above, we can see that the knife through the boy’s skull and brain, almost coming through on the other side.

As horrifying as the incident is, it set the stage for an absolute miracle.  Despite the knife going all the way through the victims head, surgeons managed to remove the knife AND keep the boy alive.  According to the surgeon, the boy was incredibly lucky, as the blade missed all major arteries and the section of his brain that effects motor function, making his chances of being able to walk very good.

What did we learn?  Don’t play at an internet cafe if you’re going to cheat.