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Shirt of the Week/Day: “Now That’s a Hammer, Bro!”


Side Note:  I definitely want to see this way more than the real Thor movie.

Since Teefury only sells their shirts for a single day, you better jump on this fast if you’re interested.  At 12:00 am on Tuesday, it’ll be gone…

Gaming Heroes with Beards

As the average gamer’s age has increased, so too should the maturity of the average gaming hero…  At least, that’s what the Examiner’s David Stonecipher claims when he tried to explain why he felt the urge show the world what some of gaming’s most iconic characters would look like with giant beards…

I really don’t think there’s anything else to say about this, do you?

Master Chief Sings

It looks like Master Chief is out of a job.  Bungie confirmed that there aren’t going to be any new Halo games at least ten years.  Plus, he’s not even in Halo: Reach.  What’s a Spartan to do?

Well apparently he’s been thinking about it, and Master Chief is getting a jump on making the transition from heroic cyborg to…  80’s pop singer.

Who knew that Master Chief would be a Phil Collins fan?

Starcraft Kart – Best Starcraft II Mod Ever

Whats better than Starcraft II?  A Starcraft racing game!  Everdraed, a Starcraft II beta participant, built a map and organized a race, complete with “sweet-ass go karts”.


This is The Game Your Game Could Look Like

Look at this video.  This is what “3D Dot Game Heroes” looks like when it’s imitating an Old Spice Ad.  Weird.  But Awesome.  This game seems to be all about copying things:  The game itself has the makings of a full-on Zelda re-hash.

Look Again.  This is what an actual Old Spice Ad looks like.

Super Left 4 Dead Bros.

Just when you thought you had enough of Mario’s Inferno…  Mario gets his arm ripped off by a zombie.  “Left 4 Dead Bros” proves once again that every franchise is better when you add an Italian plumber.

The Exodus of Zelda!

Have you ever been playing a Zelda game and thought to yourself; “You know what this needs?  More Jewish stuff!”?

Yea, I didn’t think so…

But somebody out there did and decided that it was high time the gaming world paid proper tribute, and so “The Exodus of Zelda” was born…