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Red Dead Redemption Trailer

Here comes the launch trailer for “Red Dead Redemption”,  one of this month’s most anticipated releases.  Originally set to be in stores, last month, “Redemption” was pushed back at the eleventh hour – but now the wait is almost over.  Rockstar’s sandbox western hits shelves tomorrow.

I know you’ve seen it already, but I can tell that you wanna see it again.

Manhunt 3 Gets Shut Down Before it Even Starts

Manhunt, Rockstar’s Saw-esque stealth murdering game, has always had a cult following.  Despite the series’ lack of critical support, there are just some people who really love the game’s brutal nature.  Chief among those fans were the games’ developers themselves, who had already begun pre-production on the third entry in the series:  According to Gofanboy, they had even begun working on a control scheme for the Playstation Move. Unfortunately for them (and every other Manhunt fan) Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two saw those ideas and have already told them that there is no chance of their being a “Manhunt 3”.  “Manhunt 3” would’ve been the first entry on PS3…

Well, technically it still could be, Rockstar hasn’t officially said anything about the future of the series.

Publisher Pushes Back “Red Dead Redemption” Release

Publisher Take-Two announced today that they will be delaying the release of Rockstar’s upcoming western, Red Dead Redemption, by a about a month.  The game was originally set to ship on April 27’th, but Take-Two said that resetting the launch to May 18’th would be; “…the optimal time frame to release what is being hailed as the next generation of sandbox games.”

The only notable change between the two dates is that “Redemption” now falls in the third quarter of Take-Two’s fiscal year:   Most likely, Take-Two shifted the release to somehow make the company look better for its shareholders.  Since Rockstar had nothing to do with the shift, it makes sense to believe that the delay was not over development issues.